Marketing Health Check

The Marketing Health Check is a great tool to use to start the marketing conversation. It includes establishing existing marketing activities and materials. How they performed in the past? If possible this check can be assessed with the business and marketing plan.

This is a quick way to assess your current marketing status and identify any areas for improvement. The process may be carried out by telephone consultation but is preferably a face-to-face meeting. It generally takes no more than an hour and even if you do not wish to go any further, we guarantee that you will find it a valuable investment of your time.

By auditing your current marketing materials we can see what is available and in what format. We will be able to discover which marketing tools have been successful and how the results were measured. From this, we will establish why they worked so well and build upon their success.

Equally importantly, we need to know about the less successful areas of your past marketing and why those marketing initiatives disappointed.

The purpose of the Marketing Health check is to provide you with an appraisal of your current status and indicators of where you may be wasting money and losing opportunities – there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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