Website design and administration

Every business needs an internet presence. Often this will be its own website. Now you are your own publisher, and the website must be an evolving and enhancing tool. It needs updating with great content regularly if it is to be of use and benefit to your audience. Make it more than a place to look up your telephone number or address.

The Business Marketing Company will construct your business a presence on the internet, such as the website, blog, or social media. We will discuss with you what you want this tool(s)  to do for your business and how this will be measured.

We will construct a website, register your domains, and arrange hosting that works for your business objectives.
Often websites are created and then metaphorically placed in the bottom draw, done and forgotten. This is a huge opportunity missed. Keep adding content, evolving the website, and promoting it to your customers and prospects.

We will carry on administering an existing website to make the content fresh, and work at delivering what you want. This will typically involve adding new content, landing page, and navigation. Like many tools, the website needs to be constantly monitored, enabling improvement, and not left for many months or years.

Call us to arrange a free consultation to discuss your business and how we can assist you.