E Mail Marketing guide

It’s a cost effective communication device that most are considering. Here at The Business Marketing Company we are producing these, and distributing them, and we have experience into what has worked. So I’ll run you though our procedure:

Have you a list of contacts? Does it contain contact e mail addresses? If not how are you going to get these? Networking, website traffic, build that list, and treasure it.

Get your self an e mail provider who will distribute your e mails (e mail service provider – esp) for you. Don’t do it though Outlook, mail merge or using blind carbon copy (bcc). It looks unprofessional, and it does not give you the reporting on open rates, click through etc. Also there is no easy way to unsubscribe (without e mailing you back). The cost of these e mail providers is relative low ($30 max) and sometimes free, for small number of e mails.

For SME’s, we use Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, but there are hundreds of them.
Your list can be in csv or excel or from a crm. Upload this to the chosen esp.
I would always recommend first name to personalise, as a minimum. At this stage, if it is your first don’t worry about segmenting the list- although in time this will be desired.

Now chose your design. We usually like to copy the website layout, to show familiarity, and also when the click through go to this. Or go the simple route, and use one of the templates. This is an area where coding language may be useful.

We use Dreamweaver, and produce the e mail in HTML, and then import into the e mail marketing software provider.
Before this though we have written the text within word, and got approval from the client. We then copy this in to the HTML. Be careful with fonts etc.

Images are agreed and edited. Images, as in website, are very effective, but watch the resolution size. The overall e mail must be small to avoid problems with delivery and open effectiveness.

We always check to have uploaded a text only version for the Blackberry device type recipients. Also check the imbedded links all work.

Then a test e mail is sent out to us and the client for final confirmation, any tweaks made.

We then press the button, and send out at an appropriate time of the week, and day. There are various thoughts on the best time, and this is down to your sector, and style of your e mail.

Practical E mail Marketing checklist:

1. Recipient list
2. once they sign up what to do -send thank you
3. E mail marketing provider
4. E mail style
5. What are you going to communicate?
6. Write text
7. Consider links to website etc.
8. What images?
9. Upload into e mail provider
10. Make sure text version
11. Check both versions
12. Testing? Subject line
13. Select day and time
14. Send
15. View reports
16. Receive e mails
17. Correct list
18. Next mail

Alternatively contact us, and we can discuss how we assist you in implementing your e mail marketing.