Marketing Strategy and planning

Every business needs a business plan, and this should contain a marketing/sales plan.


The Marketing Plan is the physical document and the “road map” for the journey of the business. It should be part of your business plan. It will outline the marketing strategy, which is the method and approach for your marketing and sales activity. The plan will describe the existing position, what the business wants to achieve, how it is to be achieved, with all the detail of the marketing tactics and tools and how these will be reviewed and measured.

Too often businesses start on a marketing activity without the plan. This can mean that the activity is not aligned with the goals or relevance of the business.

There are many procedures and process models to consider, to make sure you include everything.

This is often the first question we ask a business – “let’s see your marketing plan?”

We are then able to see what the aims of your business are, and how you intend to reach them.

If you haven’t got the plan, then we may need to write this with you.  This may be an appropriate time to take a Marketing Health Check.

We have a number of marketing plan templates, so contact us, and we’ll be pleased to let you have the most appropriate.

Call us now to arrange a free consultation to discuss your business and how we can assist you with your marketing plan.