Copy Writing

Copywriting material has always been important and with the increasing use of digital platforms including, your website, third party contributions (blogs), email marketing, social media, the amount of information from a business should be enormous.

With the advancement of digital, your business is now a publisher. And along with traditional media, your content will be seen by your audience in a number of forms.

Technical copywriting is a specialist skill requiring knowledge and experience of jargon, terminology, and applications. And often this can only be done by a person embedded with a particular industry who is familiar with its changes and developments.

Images and video are increasingly important to accompany your copy.

We can take this on, and with small amounts of your involvement, we can create great marketing material for all media, which can be used in many ways, and distributed through various media.

The placing of appropriate material in the most effective and relevant media, both using your distribution (e.g. website, direct mail) and other publishers is vital for these to be effective.

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