E mail obfuscating

Do you get spam? And usually it’s addressed to sales or info@yourdomain.

There are a number of ways that the spammers obtain e mail addresses, and one of them is from your own website.

Spammers use software to get these e mail addresses, from your website, where you have your contact information.

To prevent some of the unsolicited e mails, which are derived from spam robots from “scrapping” for e mails, known as “e mail harvesting”. These robots “crawl”the web looking for code that has typically “@” signs or “mailto”.

So part of the solution to prevent this is to disguise these elements to the robots. So talk to your web site designers, who should know, or if you do it yourself, read on.

Have a look a “covering” up the e mail to robots. This can be done in a number of ways, by removing the “@” or the “mailto” so that a person will know to add these symbols, or place the e mail address within an image, which the robots can not read.

Another way of “address munging” or e mail obfuscating, as it is called is to use some software to write the e mail address using alternative characters. If you internet search e mail obfuscator you will find plenty of alternatives.

Run your selected program and copy and paste the result these into your website, and replace the e mail address.

Result, a lot less spam.

Alternatively contact us, and we can discuss how we assist you in implementing your e mail marketing.