Industrial Marketing

Industrial and technical marketing

The Business Marketing Company specialises in the industrial and technical marketing business sectors.
We bring understanding and great experience in these areas gained from working with many industrial product manufacturers and distributors.

Some of the differences in the industrial and technical marketing sector compared to others:

– Lengthy time scale to order

– The importance of the performance of the product for the customer

– The technical input of the decision

– Various personnel inputs from the customer and specifier (not necessarily within the same business) or the “buying team”

– Often the larger value of the order and repeat business buying process can be complex going through many stages (e.g. specification, tendering, meeting legislative standards)

– Products are often customised to the application and requirement of the client

– greater use of personal selling in the marketing process (sales representatives)

Your business is in the Industrial and technical sectors. You want help with your marketing and sales. You want to increase and grow your revenues, profit, or the number of customers or all three. That’s what we do, by using marketing tools appropriate to your business. Not all marketing companies are the same. We believe that an understanding of not only B2B but industrial marketing is essential.

Contact us now to discuss how we can assist. We’re a marketing business that understands sales.