Marketing for Engineers

Engineers often like precision. However, marketing and precision aren’t often said in the same sentence. Marketing is seen, particularly by engineers, as a fluffy imprecise activity. We try to bring precision to marketing.

It’s important to marry the two: precision and marketing. Too often marketing doesn’t deliver the desired results and is seen as achieving a fraction of what is required. Engineering can be understated and restrained.

Possibly from the past, engineers believe in the “build it and they will come” principle. This is often not true in this competitive world, where the word “unique” is often overused and very rarely true. In this modern new world, engineering needs to promote and engage with prospective customers more effectively. And that’s what marketing does.

However, marketing to engineers needs to be considered carefully. The engineer as an audience can often be said to be more interested in the technical attributes, than perhaps emotional factors as with a B2C offering. Therefore the communications have to be appealing to the engineers “under the bonnet” view of product considerations. But without being too nerdy, explaining the benefits and not overdoing the features.

Also, the length of time in the sales process can be long and with a number of different influencers. Therefore the marketing may need to reflect that there are different people involved in the process.

Is marketing to engineers different than to other audiences? And if so, in what way?

It’s not possible to say all of the following effects on every engineering product. But here are a few characteristics that can appear in the sales process. Often it is less emotional. It’s more about the products’ specifications and performance. It’s about availability, delivery, service, and support. It about both parties reputation. It’s often about creating a long-term relationship and partnership. It often involves more than one person within the purchasing organisation.

Therefore the marketing needs to reflect this. The communication may need to be different for the varying personnel within the purchaseing organisation. Classically, the finance may need a different communication than the engineering departments.

The product specification will need to be revealed to the engineers. they want to “look under the bonnet”. Others want to know the benefits. Typically engineers talk about features and not the benefits.

Images and visuals are important. Schematics of processes always work well. Engineers like most people respond well to good imagery.

If you are marketing to engineers, remember they are different. In fact, just like any marketing person must work for their desired audience.

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