Measured Marketing

Measured Marketing – how are you measuring your marketing activities?

Measured marketing is the key to understanding what is working and how effective it is.

In brief are you:

Using marketing techniques aligned with your business plan?

Measuring and reporting your marketing activity?

Adjusting your marketing activity based on the data and evidence?

In many activities that we carry out within the business, measurements should be taken to understand how successful and effective the tasks have been.

Your company accounts demonstrate your turnover and profit. These are usually part of your business goals. These can be benchmarked with other companies and with your business goals.

The same applies to your marketing and sales activity. Measurement of all activity is vital to understand and compare different tools. Also, these measurements should reflect your business goals. Remembering that like most circumstances you need data over a reasonable period rather than dipping into to it and out. Don’t just try something once; experience less than expected results and don’t do it again.

There are many ways to measure. Some easier and more straightforward than others. It’s not always possible to base the measurement directly on revenues. The digital marketing tools such as website, email marketing not only offer quicker delivery and are usually easier to measure. But this does not mean you should not measure the other marketing tools.

So for example PR. This has traditionally been measured by press column inches or the number of publications. This is still the case and with online activity, you can add the number of links, and track the visitors. But how about conducting a survey before and after a PR campaign to gauge its effectiveness.

Online digital tools can be somewhat easier. Tools such as Google analytics allow the measurement of visitor numbers, how they arrived, the routes they took and how long they stay on your website. With this information, you are able to amend and enhance your offering to encourage the call to actions, such as filling in a download form or signing up for your newsletter.

Similarly, with email marketing, you are able to report when and who opened the emails and track the responses.

So have you got your goals? Know what you are aiming for. And understand how to measure and retune if necessary.

If you’d like a list of marketing tools and possible measurements e mail us and we’d be happy to send you a copy.

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