Think Marketing

Think Marketing – it’s more than just advertising

Marketing is seen by businesses in various ways. Some see it as just the promotional tools such as advertising, logos, and PR. Some also see it as an expense that they have to dip into every so often, usually when the orders are not rolling in so quickly.

We would advocate that marketing should be more fundamental than these examples of business. It should permeate throughout your company. Every area or department of your business can be involved in the marketing of the business and therefore opportunities should not be ignored.

So, for example, the accounts or finance department will be interacting with customers and suppliers and should be aware of this important interaction and its marketing potentials. They will probably have an input in pricing, which should also be considered from a marketing perspective.

Design or R & D departments should not be hidden away. They should be exposed to customers, suppliers and the market in general. Customers want to see what your company will be offering in the future. This will give views of what potential demands are being requested for the future. Otherwise, they can be working on products and services for which there is no market.

So Marketing is fundamentally at the heart of your business, always considering how customer’s needs can be satisfied profitably. This needs to be a continual process which can be “turned up” for specific campaigns using promotional and communication tools or activities. However never turned off.

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