Video Marketing

Still images are good. However, we love video. Humans love moving images. Engineers love video. The machinery looks good in video, particularly when it’s moving itself. Actually industrial marketing has some of the best imagery opportunities to be used in video marketing.

So don’t be put off that it doesn’t look “professional”. There are some editing you can do but like most things, it’s about the content. If it is interesting, the audience will view. They may even forgive some of the gaffs. It’s about showing the machinery doing what it does. Zooming in on the actual part, highlighting the reason why the customer appreciates the machine. With the ubiquitous smartphone, there is no excuse.

Its also now how you use and distribute the video.

Video opportunities:

Designing the machinery/component

Building the machinery in your factory

Testing of machinery

Packaging of machinery ready for dispatch

Dispatching the machinery from your factory

Delivery of your machinery

Installation of your machinery or part built-in final machine

Use of the machine in situation/application

Completion of project with opening ceremony etc.

Possible use many of these opportunities and create a series with a story.

Follow up running of machinery in anger

So practical shooting tips:

Take various angles

Zoom in to highlight important action

Consider commentary

Possible use of a low-cost steady-cam (tripod)

Consider unusually angels or approaches

Demonstrate scale with a known object if its large or small.

Consider low or high shots rather than the usual “human” shoulder height

Editing tips:

Make it short 15 to 30 seconds. You could consider a longer version available on your website.

Get to the point quickly

Make sure the sound is good, if not, have no sound or edit over with appropriate music. The sound lets DIY videos down often because the microphone is not near enough to the action.

Put some brief titles and credits.

Make the file size as small as possible – remember the audience will probably be using mobile.

Don’t over-edit – that’s for professionals.

Distribution tips:

Get it on your website

Upload it to your own Youtube channel

Use it on other social media e.g. LinkedIn

Use email marketing to make the audience aware in an email with a link to your website.


And create a library of these videos not only for marketing but for internal use in training. This is really a case of the greater the amount the better.