website updates

How up to date is your website?


Everyone tells you to get a website – it can be your shop window and corporate brochure in one. But how often do you update it? Did you have it constructed and then do nothing?

We see many websites, and find that a great many have not be changed for years; probably since they were originally created. This is not only missing the power of the website, but also reflecting badly on your business.

We’re sure you have important things that are a higher priority than to update your website, but it doesn’t show your business in the best light. Your website needs to be kept up to date.

Now we could discuss the type of communication and maybe the code, SEO (search engine optimisation) but here are some items to gauge how up to date your website is, its activity and commitment to the marketing tool:

• An analytic package (e.g. Google analytics) – and use these for reporting and refining the website (not just the reporting bit)
• If you have a news section is it up to date – if we see that the latest is over six months ago, what have you been doing?
• Also archive oldest news, and allow the viewer to see the latest and perhaps by topic. Don’t have a long list.
• Change the copyright date (usually at the bottom of the pages) to at least show that something has changed in the latest year.
• Latest personnel changes amended.
• Have you a favicon?
• Do all the internal and external links work? Check them – nothing worse than asking someone to click, and it not working.

Make the website and its content look fresh, enticing, and for viewers to want more, and read on.
And use its benefits, such as speed to change and amend, to your advantage.

Of course, we can do this for you and more, if you haven’t got the time or the experience. We’ll incorporate the website into your marketing, and use many of the communications and content generation for other marketing tools. Please contact us.