Now where is that sales tap?

If only sales was as easy as turning on the tap, and out came customers and sales, on demand.

Some businesses know about the sales pipeline or channel and perhaps take it too literally. They believe there is a valve or tap in this pipe that can be turned on and off, upon their command. It’s true that the “pipeline” can be regulated, but not turned on and off at will. We come across businesses that treat the pipeline in this stop-start manner, often trying something different for a very short period. Not measuring, reviewing and amending. In every case, they are not successful.

Marketing is the process of getting sales. Marketing isn’t a choice, it’s essential. Certainly, the amount of time and money in your budget can vary, but you must keep at it, in the good times, and slack times.

The process of winning customers and increasing sales should be in place for obtaining suspects and moving them through to become prospects and to customers, in this sales pipeline. This should be constantly measured, reviewed and refined to understand the most effective procedures. And as we have mentioned before, there should be a number of different methods. The numbers of suspects to prospects to customers should be constantly known (and the amounts needed for the business) so that you have the best chance of avoiding slow and low sales periods.

In these new and somewhat uncertain economic times, businesses will be considering their marketing budgets more than usual. Too many businesses will look at a total cut, rather than measure, review, and amend. Look at your marketing procedures and tools, at their effectiveness and return on the activity. Consider other approaches and test new methods. If the procedure is not delivering the desired results, ask why, but don’t necessarily just stop.

It will be the businesses that carry on marketing that will survive and grow.

As previously mentioned marketing is not a choice and has to be carried on, albeit in maybe a revised way.

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