How to make your marketing great?

How to make your marketing great and effective? Or why does your marketing seem to fail?

The strategy of your business and marketing should be aligned. Often the marketing is ad-hoc and not supporting the strategy. Your marketing should be integrated with the direction and goals of the business.

Choose the marketing tools to use, once the strategy has been agreed upon and is in place. The marketing tools should be appropriate for the results you want to achieve. Too often a marketing tool is selected on a whim or “give it a go”. Don’t advertise because the trade publication calls to offer a “special” for its next release. If it wasn’t part of the plan don’t be swayed.

Agree on measurements to assist in understanding what success looks like. Consider this at the time of selecting your marketing tool, not afterward. The measurement may have an influence on the creative for the tool. Ultimately your business probably wants an increase in sales and profit. Consider the activities to achieve these and measure these smaller steps. Think of the journey a prospect takes to become a customer. Agree on measurements that will reflect the different stages and the journey taken to gain the ultimate result.

Choose the correct measurements. Make sure they are realistic. (SMART) Analysis of the results and adjust accordingly. And really analyse. Don’t just get a report and not act upon it.

Be consistent and in it for the long term with your marketing. It can take time to realise results.  Your marketing materials should be aligned with both your business and marketing strategies. The same communication messages can be used, but consider tuning them for the selected media and audience.

Your marketing should be strong, persuasive, and relevant to your target audience.

These are some of our thoughts to make great marketing. Contact us to discuss how we can make your marketing effective and great.