How many ways to communicate

How many ways to communicate with your customers, prospects, and suspects?

There are many opportunities and tools to interact and communicate with your suspects, prospects, and customers. So how many ways are there to communicate?

We’re sure you do some of these, but have you considered others?

You should be actively doing more than one and we would suggest that you participate in a large percentage. Some can be surprisingly low cost.

And as we have previously mentioned you should try, measure, review and amend. How many of these are you regularly carrying out?

– Face to face

– Telephone

– Email, individual and email marketing

– Promotional offers

Trade shows

– Visiting and or exhibiting at your customers’ exhibitions

– In-house events/seminars

– Webinars

Social Media -Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

– Case histories or application notes or tips

– Newsletters – Print, electronic or digital

– Sponsorship

– Hospitality & Corporate events

– Blogs & Forums


– Industry Trade associations

– Awards

– Advertising – print & digital

– Customer surveys

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